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So, Charlotte is pretty much crawling!! She moves very carefully though. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before she's zipping around the house, stressing me the hell out. (:


Charlotte-4 Months through 8 Months

Okay so A) I'm seriously regretting not keeping up on documenting her milestones better. I've done somewhat decently, but I know I'm forgetting a lot, and that kind of sucks. B) This post is going to end up ridiculously long. C) I apologize in advance for the zillions of photos I am about to post. I'll use lj-cuts, I promise. (;

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That's it for now! I'll post later and bore you all with the details of our move from AZ to TX. (: 


Charlotte-3 Months

Written October 4th, 2012

Wow, the time has flown by! So much has changed these past 3 months.

For one, she's giving me longer stretches of sleep at night. Last night she slept from 8pm to 1am! After her first long stretch of sleep she typically starts nursing ever 1.5 to 2 hours. Her napping, however, is atrocious. She fights naps tooth and nail and when I do finally manage to get her down, she typically wakes back up after 30 minutes (and that's on a good day). Also, she will either only sleep on me, or sleep if I lay down next to her. So I get nothing done while she naps.

I literally held Charlotte every waking moment her first 3 months of life. She refused to be put down anywhere. The swing? Nope. The super cool Kickin' Coaster I got her? Not interested. The only place she wanted to be was in my arms. It was exhausting, but I'm glad I accommodated her. Now she hangs out in the swing for about 15 minutes first thing in the morning while I make myself coffee and breakfast. She likes to "talk" to the butterflies that spin around overhead, it's the cutest thing. Then, she'll tolerate the Kickin' Coaster long enough for me to eat my breakfast.

Another thing she initially despised was Tummy Time. During the first couple of months, most of her Tummy Time occurred on my chest. I was really starting to worry... there was no way I would leave her on her tummy if she was screaming and crying, yet I knew she really needed it to help develop her motor skills and muscles.

Luckily, she has gotten a lot better about Tummy Time. Also, she started rolling from tummy to back on September 11th! Pretty good for a baby adamantly against Tummy Time. (:

Let's see, what other milestones have passed... she gave me her first non-poop smile on July 25th, just a few days after she turned 1 month old. Her first laugh was on the day she rolled from tummy to back, September 11th. It couldn't have been more perfect. I had just given her a bath and was getting her ready for bed. Robert was sitting in the room and we were talking while I rubbed lotion on her. Then, she laughed! Her very first laugh, and we were both there for it. It was so sweet. (: She laughs so much! She's such a happy little girl.

Today, October 4th, she is officially 15 weeks. She'll be 4 months soon! I can't believe it! Nowadays, she loves sitting up. She does these little baby crunches and grunts, then looks at me expectantly. I'll let her grip onto my fingers and help pull her up into a sitting position and she happily looks around the room. I have a feeling she'll be sitting unassisted soon. She also loves being worn in my Beco Gemini carrier. I originally got the Baby K'Tan, but she really didn't like that too much. She likes the Beco quite a bit though. I've only been wearing her facing in so far, and will probably keep it that way. I've read some cons to wearing a baby facing out, so as long as she's content to be facing in, that's what we'll do. I take her for a walk around the neighborhood every evening and it's just about her favorite thing in the world right now.

Oh, another new skill she's been working on is blowing raspberries. However, she only does this when she's upset. So she'll start to whine/cry, stick out her tongue, close her lips around her tongue, then blow out really hard. It's hilarious! It's very hard to take her upset moment seriously when she does things like that!

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have another update soon!


I'm still alive!

Holy shit, I am so behind in updating my journal. Stand by please, I'll be uploading a post I wrote when she was 3 months old, then eventually writing about all that has happened in the 5 months since then!


Charlotte's birth story!

So, remember when I said in my last post that my due date was the 21st and I expected to go over it because it is SO unlikely to go into labor on your due date?


Charlotte Lynne Vanata made her debut on June 21st at 11:08am. Apparently I have one heck of a punctual kid! (I, on the other hand, fail at doing things in a timely manner, seeing as I'm posting this more than 5 weeks AFTER her birth ()-_-)

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Almost there!

So, I totally had intended to update my LJ super regularly throughout my pregnancy, but obviously, I failed pretty damn miserably at that. I suppose I'll just do a run-down.

I only worked for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Robert decided to enroll in an HVAC program, and as a result, is bringing in a salary (due to the post 9/11 GI bill) in addition to working full time. He very generously wished for me to be able to focus solely on school, and my health. There are times I feel bad about the fact that I'm not also bringing in money, but I have really loved being able to not work during my pregnancy. Especially when I hit the 3rd trimester!

1st trimester sucked because I was tired and nauseous ALL. THE. TIME. The 2nd trimester was a little bit better towards the end, when my nausea eased up, but I was still exhausted constantly. The 3rd trimester has been the absolute WORST. I so freaking sore. This extra weight on my frame is killing my back and hips. I'm still tired a lot of the time. The joints in my hands hurt like hell. My feet are swelling sooo bad. On top of all that, I'm getting freaking nauseous AGAIN because there's hardly any room in my stomach due to the baby squishing it o_o

I have zero intentions of EVER going through this pregnancy thing again. My god. Seriously, I don't know how our species is still here, because being pregnant freaking blows.

Okay, on to the good! We're having a girl :D We're going to name her Charlotte. Feeling her move is REALLY cool. She gets the hiccups a lot, which is a very interesting sensation! My cat, Scout, has been kicked by her numerous times already, haha! The first time it happened, he looked horribly confused and gave me very suspicious looks. Now he lays on my stomach and completely ignores her kicking. He's stubborn like that.

Also, holy crap, I am due tomorrow! Though I doubt I will HAVE her tomorrow. I've had some contractions, but I still haven't gone into labor. Pretty sure this kid is going past her due date. Hopefully not too far... I'm really tired of being pregnant :-/

That's pretty much it, in a nutshell. I've had a relatively uneventful pregnancy. OH! Actually, there was one scare... Last weekend, she hadn't moved for almost 24 hours. I tried everything I could think of to get her to move... nothing. So, We went into the hospital to make sure everything was okay. I'm actually really surprised that I, for one, was as terrified as I was, and two, kept my composure even though I was a complete wreck. Here's the kicker though... halfway to the hospital, the little brat started moving -_- I mean, I was overjoyed she was moving, but seriously kid?! Couldn't have done that earlier? My doctor still had me go in, just to make sure all was well, and everything was absolutely fine. This baby hasn't even been born yet, and already she's taking years off my life.

Okay, THAT'S it, in a nutshell (: I'll post some pictures soon, and hopefully, I'll be posting a birth story VERY soon. Very... very soon. 


Been a while!

I haven't posted in quite some time! Life has kept me pretty damn busy. Still going to school full time, still working part time. One thing has changed though...

I'm pregnant!

Yup, that's right. Robert and I are having a baby! I'm not very far along, only 5w5d. Now that the shock has worn off (mostly), we're pretty excited! Robert is going to start HVAC school in November, which will be covered by his GI bill (so free), and he'll be getting paid through his GI bill while in school, AND he's going to continue working, so I'm going to be quitting my job next month so I can focus on getting as much schooling done before the baby comes and so I can support him while he works and goes to school.

So many changes! It's scary, but exciting.

So, I'm due June 21st. I had my first prenatal appointment with a midwife today, which went very well. I did have a small scare... while she was examining me, she found a growth on my right ovary, so she ordered an ultrasound. She wanted to be sure I didn't have an ectopic pregnancy. I was pretty freaked out, enough that I was shaking while I waited to have my ultrasound. Thankfully, everything is fine. The baby is where it belongs, and the growth is just a cyst, which is quite normal in the early stages of pregnancy. No heartbeat yet, but its too early for that. My next appointment is in 2 weeks. I'm excited! I can't wait to see the heartbeat! :D



Like I said in my last entry, I'm overall really happy. However, I am having flashbacks still, with alarming frequency, considering I'm on the highest dose of prozac a person can take on a daily basis.

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Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now

When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

Black tea and cinnamon buns. I have Robert to thank for getting me hooked on both <3


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Life. It is good :-)

Math class is going well. I've started to get a bit lazy about homework, but I'll get it caught tomorrow. I'm only two days behind, luckily, and I didn't have too much assigned those two days. Chemistry is proving to be a bit more of a pain. Our chem teacher is pretty scatterbrained and has a tough time relaying concepts, so I'll need to do a lot of independent study for that class if I want to keep up. I'm enjoying my English class, though I am procrastinating on my first paper, as I always do -_- I'm trying really hard to push myself to work on it a bit every day but... I'm so damn stubborn =P I just won't do what I tell myself to do! heh.

The divorce is going agonizingly slow. I hardly ever talk to Jon anymore though, so that's been nice. My stress level has definitely abated :-) Ahh, what else... I haven't had a full day off in weeks! I'm either at school, at work, or both. I'm looking forward to this semester being done o_o

In short, I am happy :-)


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